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Black Jet Films Identity

Title: The Future of Aerial Cinematography
Clients: Black Jet Films
Categories: Branding & Identity

Brand Content

Territory creates a bold and ambitious identity to match BlackJet’s energy and vision.

With a history in helicopter aviation and aerial cinematography, Black Jet offers a range of services including a UAV ‘octo­copter’ drone that can capture amazing footage due to its size and flexibility in the air. Asked to create an identity for the growing company, our design encapsulates a sense of the daredevil maverick, referencing special forces badges and emblem styles.  We also produced a short documentary on the beauty and, often unsung, elegance of the Helicopter through the eyes of World Helicopter Aerobatics Champion, Quentin Smith. This teaser gives an insight into the character and passion behind the man and the capability and wonder of the aircraft.

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Military Influence

The badge logo was influenced by military badge/emblem designs and references the machines used in capturing the amazing footage. The logo is used in single colour variations depending on the requirements and was designed to give a premium, established and trusted feel.

On the Move

Further variations of the logotype were extrapolated for the stationery and vehicle decals. The elongated bars were a reference to helicopter blades - one of the main machines used to capture the footage.


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