Title: Ex_Machina
Clients: DNA Films, Film4, Universal Studios
Services: Screen Graphics

Andy Garland taps Territory to visualise a next generation OS for this tense drama about human emotions, artificial intelligence, manipulation and control.

With a multilayered plot that pits human against AI, Garland’s psychological drama unfolds through strong characters, subtle dialogue and machine code. Needing strong yet elegant screen graphics to help tell the story, the art department asked us to design a series of credible ‘near future’ interface designs. Working with Garland’s team, we rooted our concepts in current trends in OS design and programming to create an operating system that felt right for the story’s multibillionaire genius programmer who designed both the OS and the AI.A key challenge when creating the OS designs was to balance UX and programming conventions with a visual language that reflected both the logical and pure AI mindset, in contrast to the potentially complex and cluttered environment of human emotions. Referencing modernist, functional and minimalist design, we crafted a visual language that reflects the clean cinematic style, yet supports the themes of control and voyeurism within the narrative. We were also asked to create a detailed series of technical schematics of the AI's humanoid skeleton, which we based on designs from the art department and rough models from VFX house Double Negative. These complex diagrams were printed and featured as engineering drawings on set to help create a convincing technical construction studio environment.

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Referencing Haines manuals and Ikea instructions, Territory modelled and rendered these detailed blue prints for use within the film. As Nathan and Caleb discuss assembling an AI they feature as large light boxes on walls.


Project Credits


Creative Director David Sheldon-Hicks
Producer Kelly Woodward
UI Screens Peter Eszenyi, Marti Romances, Yugen Blake, Jay Dingle, David Penn
Schematics Peter Eszenyi


Writer and Director Alex Garland
Producers Andrew MacDonald and Allon Reich
Production Designer Mark Digby
Graphic Designer Andrew Tapper

Compuhire - Playback

Phone Programming - Syd Lawrence


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