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Man in the High Castle Promos

Clients: Amazon Prime
Categories: Social

Territory’s storytelling expertise across film and games led Amazon UK to ask us to create a series of dynamic digital promos to promote the blockbuster series, The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime.

Amazon asked us to create a series of digital promos to promote the highly anticipated TV series, based on Philip K Dick’s award winning novel about an alternative ending to WWII in which the Nazi’s and Japanese win the war and divide the USA between them. With a brief to create two promos, we devised an original concept, in line with the shows campaign objectives, that subverted iconic post war footage in an allusion to the show’s plot. Our series of digital promos blend archive footage and audio from WWII with fictional visual elements, to create a sense of drama, intrigue and anticipation about the show.

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What if ?

We created video’s and images depicting what landmarks in London, UK, and the US would have looked like with the occupation of Nazi’s in the 1960’s. Propaganda clearly evident in everyday scenarios along more subtle details.


New York Motion Poster

As a way of releasing content in the buildup to the shows release Territory created a series of motion posters to tease in the themes of the show. As an exercise in ‘what if’ we created familiar scenes of London, Europe and the US with the historical twist visually peppered throughout.

UK invasion

We created several animated maps to propose the alternative reality for WW2. Showing troop movements and engagements by Nazi forces in a style reminiscent of the shows titles and other ww2 propaganda graphics.

Project Credits


3D Map Animations Peter Eszenyi
Animation and Compositing Sam Keenan
Broadcast Script Andy Walsh
Producer Joy Whilby

Audio Soundcuts


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