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A Very Personalised Healthcare Assistant

Title: OME - Intelligent Health App
Clients: Pathway Genomics
Categories: UI

Territory creates a sophisticated future-facing app experience that encapsulates advanced personalized healthcare intelligence.

When San Diego-based Pathway Genomics wanted an app to compliment its personalized healthcare service, Territory was brought in to create an intelligent and future-facing experience. A virtual personal healthcare assistant, the OME app is designed to respond naturally to health related questions. The key differentiator for OME is that it not only uses data collected from health-related devices such as fitness trackers but it combines this information with a user’s genomic report to give ultra-personal answers and advice to questions. Over time, the app learns from the user’s behaviour and information patterns. to provide more accurate answers and suggestions that are even more relevant and pre-emptive. With a brief to create a human, trustworthy and fluid interaction that communicates in a natural ‘voice’, the challenge was to design an intuitive system that never feels artificial or contrived.

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Visualising Intelligence

One of the key aspects of our work was the visualisation of the OME avatar, essentially a state of the art A.I. The brief followed the same line as the experience in that it had to feel intelligent, futuristic and responsive and most importantly, non-threatening. Our team built in key behaviours to signify this intelligence using speed, colour and shape to denote thinking and level of confidence.

Icon Design

One of the key aspects of the app is the visualisation of the A.I of OME - the apps avatar.

For our app, we required a design that was beautiful, engaging, credible yet futuristic, but not intimidating. Territory Studio delivered a fantastically designed app which has become a showpiece for our company. Working with their skilled artists and developers has been a wonderful experience, they truly added value to our project. J.R. Parnell - Project Lead, Advanced Technologies Lab


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