Shell Brent Decommissioning

Title: Shell Brent Decommissioning
Clients: Shell
Services: Digital Content

Shell asks Territory to visualise the true state of the Brent Field oil platforms to support the public decommissioning process.

The Brent oil and gas field has been a cornerstone of the UK’s hugely successful oil and gas industry. The next step in the life cycle is to decommission the Brent Field’s four platforms and their related infrastructure. Territory were asked to create a CGI film of the four platforms, showing their location and the intended decommissioning process about to unfold.

As all elements had to be absolutely authentic, we built each one in CGI. This gave us absolute control over every detail, from rivets to rust, both above and below the waterline.Modelling and animating each from scratch based on engineering drawings was a time intensive process, but it was essential to recreate authentic details of the current state of the platforms to convey the magnitude of the task ahead. The video formed part of Shell UKs decommissioning website.

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