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Clients: Virgin Atlantic
Categories: Digital Comms

Virgin Atlantic approached Territory asking us to design and animate a set of informative, character driven explainer animations showing customers how to use their on board Vera entertainment system.

The aim was to incorporate UI graphics with character animation to make a friendly, easy to understand piece. The biggest challenge for us artistically, was coming up with a style that remained on brand, echoing Art and Graft’s beautifully crafted safety video, whilst also coming up with something that remained true to Territory. In order to achieve this, we opted to push more of a hybrid route utilising 3D modelling and animation techniques, rendered with a 2D look and feel, with a bit of motion graphic styled animation transitions thrown in the mix.

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Project Credits


Creative Director David Sheldon-Hicks
Project management Leilah Williams
Art Direction and Storyboard Nik 'nikill' Hill
Design, Rigging and Animation lead Nik 'nikill' Hill
UI animator Daniel Højlund
3D modeller Rachel Chu
Hand animator Matteo Sanna

Virgin Atlantic

Producer Leon Trigg
Production Executive Kate Dawkins

Original Artwork Art and Graft


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