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15 Jun 2020 • The Studio

Samia Hoque

We’re really proud of our staff at Territory Studio. Even if not directly involved in the awesome work we deliver to our clients, we each appreciate creativity and being creative, in whatever format.

If you’re here, you’ve probably already seen our work. Now we invite you to get to know us better. Starting with our creative teams, we’ll be asking questions and sharing not only TS project work but personal creative projects and what really inspires us day to day.

Daena Lorne – Art Director

“I wanted to work for TS as there was always a sense of ambition, trying out new ways to push the industry standards.”

– Daena

Tell us a bit about you:

Trained in fine art photography, ended up working for creative teams in agencies, but with a bit of interest and curiosity. So went on the journey of learning 3D tools.

Who and/or what inspires you creatively?

Would say the huge amounts of talent I am surrounded by. I am inspired by a lot of the aesthetics that are created within nature.

How long have you been at Territory?

A year!

What’s been your favourite TS project to work on so far and why?

You can’t choose favourites! Each has had their challenges and rewards. Eurovision gave us a chance to work on live visuals and create energetic graphics. Brave New World gave us a unique chance to develop a new world utopian technologies.

We can’t show you our work until the film is released on 26th June. Until then, enjoy the official trailer which features some of our work!


Brave New World

We can’t show you our work until the series is released on 15th July. Until then, enjoy the official trailer.

Why did you want to work at Territory?

I wanted to work for TS as there was always a sense of ambition in the team. Trying out new ways to push the industry standards.

Where do you look online for some creative inspiration/headspace? is a great source of contemporary art, architecture and photography. I find having a wide source of reference is really helpful in any project.

Daena’s Personal Creative:

A lot of my personal work is a way to experiment with software. Using textures and ideas that stem from many different ecological references. Just trying to remember to have fun with it!

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