Enthusiastic users of Red Giant’s amazing plug-ins, we jumped at the opportunity of crafting titles for their latest film. Asked to explore the creative possibilities of the new Trapcode Suite plug-in, we pushed it to the limit in this entertaining thriller. With a tight plot based on what would happen if a spy picked up the wrong bag at an airport and had to work with whatever they found in it to complete their mission, this short thriller combines tense moments with comic elements. The type animation also referenced the digital nature of the x-ray scanners and was inspired

by the concept of ‘up-resing’ or increasing the detail/samples of an image. It was a lot of fun modelling the assets in 3D, refining the look and animating the typography. And it was a great opportunity to test and implement Tao, Red Giant’s newest edition to it Trapcode Suite, and figure out creative ways to fit them into a concept that hadn’t previously considered their presence. This process of experimentation inspired a lot of the transitional elements, which would never have come about without the opportunity to test Trapcode Tao.