Growth Executive


Let’s be honest. This is an entry level position. But it has huge potential for you and our business.

We need someone to join our Growth team and help drive the day-to-day running of our growth campaigns. 

This means you’ll be working across both sales and marketing skill sets. Of which both are very important to us and the fact they’re linked even more so.

It’s an important role and it’s pivotal to our ambitious growth plans. 

So, what will I be doing I hear you ask? 

Working closely with our Chief Growth Officer, your key responsibilities will include: 

  • Day-to-day running for our growth campaigns
    • Operating LinkedIn profiles for our senior team, managing messages to and from connections, building a relationship with them and trying to move that conversation on to something more meaningful
    • Supporting the production of thought leadership content, publishing it and working hard to drive engagement around that content
    • Using data to re-target connections and stimulate conversations
    • Keeping CRM up to date and being proactive about keeping opportunities warm 
    • You will be accountable for hitting your own targets and KPIs and those of the business 
  • Supporting the medium term growth plan 
    • Working closely with our PR agency to ensure their activity links to our plan and that we’re making the most of that relationship 
    • Generating ideas for campaigns and driving the detail behind them 
    • Being part of our social media marketing team by developing content and engaging our community 
      • This includes testing new social media channels for each of our global audiences 
    • Website management and ongoing development will be something we will look at periodically, but the analysis of our analytics will be a more frequent need that allows us to make business level decisions. 
  • Being involved in the longer term growth strategy 
    • You will be of the team that sets the longer term vision for growth, devising our strategy and coming up with ideas that will help us grow
    • This will include working very closely with our US business and our Asian partners
    • Be part of the conversation developing and evolving our value proposition and go-to-market strategy.

What your career progression looks like - With the foundation skills you will learn as our Growth Executive, you have a platform to grow your career with Territory. 

You could take a more market led track, developing deepeer skills in PR, content, data and CRM - supported by the creative that excited our prospective client base. All of which creates fame for the business. Or you could take a more sales led track, running pitches, coming up with solutions for clients that solve their problems and closing deals. All of which creates fortune for the business.  The opportunities are endless and you will receive growth training like nowhere else. 

A bit about you – You’re passionate about design, technology and the impact it can have building an experience for the end user or viewer. You might even have an inner geek that’s desperate to get out.

Friends say you’re easy going, likeable and always smiling. And you no doubt like a good laugh and conversation made entirely of funny gifs. 

Being people focussed comes naturally to you and you’re able to spot and understand other people’s needs quickly and adapt to them quickly.

Confidence in sparking up conversations with new people is a given for you and you’re not phased by rejection or a cold response.

You’re organised, keep a tidy working environment and like to be on top of the detail of your work, but can also elevate your thinking to see the bigger picture. 

Accountability and delivering results gets you out of bed in the morning, keeps you focussed and achieving your goals is rewarding for you.

You understand that building a career starts at the bottom, with an opportunity to learn from working closely with experienced people and that means you’ll be working on some very basic tasks one minute then thrown into the deep end with something above your experience the next. But that’s ok, because we’ve put our trust in you and you have our support. 

Above all you care about your work and you’re here to build a career that will set you apart from everyone else in your class.


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