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Division & Unity

Clients: ODD
Categories: Short Film

Territory was commissioned by creative agency ODD NY with a brief to creatively explore the notion of ‘division’.

The studio’s response was a collaborative effort in which the very reflections and values of the team were articulated both as a visual and voice over narrative. The result is a comment on how our digital age has shaped and influenced us, has led to troubling rifts and divisions across the globe, and how working together makes us stronger.

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A studio project, the collaborative effort was challenging and liberating at the same time. From an exploration of ‘division’ the concept evolved to encompass Unity & Division – a reflection of how we’re stronger together. Going a little deeper, 2016 felt like a divisive year.  In many respects it was this sense of division all around us that inspired the concept, but we wanted to explore it in an abstract way, and ultimately create something positive. We’re proud of what we have achieved. The choreography of the black and white elements reflects the theme of the piece, which was guided by a tight, well crafted script. Nik Hill - Lead Creative
While the visual narrative played to our strengths as a motion graphic studio, writing the voice over copy was a really interesting process that made us ask a lot of questions about our collective values, our message and how to articulate that.  The final edit really proved the power of voice and visual together and we felt that the the voice brings out the human element within the visual narrative, allowing the piece to connect emotionally. Andrew Popplestone - Creative Director


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