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London, San Francisco, Barcelona, Munich

About us

We use the power of imagination to realise New Worlds.

Territory Studio is a creative specialist that draws on expertise in narrative-led creative design to imagine, realise and build new worlds.

What ties our work together is a love of craft and creativity, a passion for story, and a designer’s eye for problem-solving.

What sets us apart is a uniquely refined design intelligence, near future expertise, and a team of ambitious, focused, and proactive cross discipline creatives.

Territory Studio is part of Territory Group

Who we are

Nick Glover

Founder & CEO

In different ways everyone at Territory has an insatiable thirst for new and interesting things. That could be products, technology, services, design techniques, people or places. We engage in conversations with people around the world, and help them to imagine a richer story, create more powerful experiences, develop connected relationships – even design a better future.

David Sheldon-Hicks

Founder & Exec. Creative Director

I’m continually inspired by the energy and momentum that we have across studio, and the sense of ownership and purpose with which the team engage with every project. At a time where the future is coming quickly, and brands and storytellers are seeking answers on what it looks like, feels, and how it moves, they come to Territory Studio for answers.

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