Endless Possibilities

Title: HitFilm Identity
Clients: HitFilm
Services: Identity

When FXHOME approached Territory to create a new identity for HitFilm, their flagship video editing and VFX software, we created a bold visual mark that asserts the product's creative potential, commitment to quality and professionalism.

Asked to create an identity for HitFilm that would set the product apart from competitors and the greater product family, we began the process with a series of workshops in which we helped founder Josh Davies and his marketing team to distill the product’s brand essence and focus into the phrase ‘endless possibilities’. With software so advanced that it facilitates boundless creative potential, we decided very in early the process to steer away from the usual visual language conventions associated with editing/VFX software, such as the camera iris and colour wheels. Having defined HitFilm’s essence as ‘Endless Possibilities and Power’, we crafted a bold, positive and flexible concept that builds on a faceted prism, fused with a vivid sense of colour.

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The Logo

The final visual mark is a strong geometric shape that gives a sense of impact and presence, with a prismatic colour refraction that suggests a jewel-like surface texture. We crafted several additional colour variations to give each product in the HitFilm family its own version of the identity. And to strengthen and complement the visual stamp, we also reconsidered the font, delivering a sharp, understated and contemporary identity scheme.


Attention to detail was paramount. Understanding that the logo would mainly exist on screen and at various sizes led us to create three distinct versions with appropriate simplifications to ensure fidelity and clarity across all possible manifestations of the brand.

We're delighted with the new brand. Bold yet subtle, we feel that Territory has really understood what drives us and distilled that into a logo that reflects our vision and commitment to innovation and creativity. Josh Davies - founder FXHOME


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