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Perfecting a superhuman killing machine

Title: Hitman: Agent 47
Clients: Twentieth Century Fox
Categories: Film

Territory brings its storytelling expertise to the Hitman reboot, crafting screen graphics, VFX, main titles and logo.

Having been recommended for the project, we were asked to apply our narrative expertise to the project in post. Working closely with Editor Nick de Toth, we helped to support the action thriller with a title sequence, logo, screen graphics and VFX. Based on the popular Hitman game franchise, the project proved an ideal challenge for our film and game expertise, and we were able to bring a greater narrative consistency and graphic clarity to this fast paced story.

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Title Sequence

With a complex backstory to tell, we were asked to create a title sequence that set the context for the story about to unfold. Essentially a prologue, we worked with a script from the edit team, and devised a concept and visual narrative that evolves over time, telling the story of the organisation's beginnings in Cold War era to present day.

Screen Graphics

With a wide variety of technology platforms to create graphics for, including an interactive glass table, interactive glass wall, smartphones, sniper gun scopes, laptops and monitors, we had to work with performances captured and sets already created. While these challenges informed UI design and interactions, our team of artists, designers and animators was able to craft clearly differentiated visual languages for both sides of the battle, and fused a hard military style UI with fantasy hi-tech feel to support the 'superhuman' story. The screen graphics for 47 needed a covert, high tech feel. A near future aesthetic that still felt embedded in reality our designers researched systems used my military and government agencies as a starting point. The graphics for the monolithic corporation needed a next generation, subversive tone. Multiple layers of graphics were used to suggest AI activity constantly running checks for agent 47, Litvenko and other high priority targets.

Project Credits


Creative Direction David Sheldon-Hicks
Production Sam Hart
Art Direction & Lead Animation Nik 'Nikill' Hill
Dave Penn
Lead CGI Peter Eszenyi
Concept Art Yugen Blake
Design & Animation Duncan Dix, Daniel Højlund, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan
Additional Design & Animation Miles Christensen, Mantas Grigaitis, Sam Keehan, Jason Moss
Additional Compositing Alex Gooding, Francesc Donaire Peris
Additional Editing Emanuele Crivelari, Andy Schofield

Twentieth Century Fox

Editor Nicolas de Toth
First Assistant Editor Ken Terry
VFX Editor Constantin Brodt
Post Production Supervisor Lily Gwyer
Post Production Producer Chris Berg
VFX Producer Christina Wise


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