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Title: Interchange Identity
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Territory created a bold brand identity for Camden's latest development, ­a series of ultra-modern co­-working spaces called Interchange.

With ambitious plans to rejuvenate Camden’s business culture, Interchange aims to attract a new breed of creative technologists to the area with its 8,400m2 development. Spread over three sites, the challenge was to create a brand that affirms Interchange as a game­changing service-­focused professional partner that can facilitate growth in the creative technology sector by providing a premium service culture and inspirational community culture. Working closely with managing director Vanessa Butz, we consulted on brand  proposition with a differentiated service and experience strategy, and created the identity scheme that ties the three spaces together. The development targets the creative technology industry, which is a sector in transition from start-­ups to mature mid­-sized companies that identify success with Interchange’s luxury service offer and experience. We delivered a robust yet flexible identity system that imbues trust and integrity across all printed and digital collateral and that can be applied across internal and external environments.

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Our aim was to capture the industrial luxe aesthetic. By taking inspiration from Camden's industrial and rail heritage we crafted a logo and identity system that combined the graphic language of old ticketing and punchcard systems with utilitarian design.


The Interchange symbol promotes the initial I from interchange and conveys the theme of connectivity. The subtler speech marks within the negative space suggests the community aspect of the business. The logotype lockup has two distinct lines that are suggestive of the railway heritage of the area and act as a graphic anchor for positioning.

A graphic tab device was developed for the brand and is flexible enough to use in various ways across stationery and marketing materials and further references the ticketing inspiration. We designed many different ways the tab could be applied using printing techniques so the branding collateral had a more eclectic feel. The primary colour for the brand, burnt orange is a further signifier the rail and ticketing heritage of the brand.

Tactile Detail

It was important to us that each brand touchpoint had a tactile and hand touched quality. This allows for a varied array of collateral to exist without feeling iterative.

Mobile App

As brand guardians we also created visual guidelines Interchange’s digital collateral including their app and web interfaces.

Brand Guidelines

To help Interchange deliver consistent messaging and branded comms we created a comprehensive brand guideline document detailing everything from logo usage to typographic layout and tone of voice. The guideline design took inspiration from British Rail's Corporate Identity Manual from 1965.

We're delighted with Territory's approach and feel that this strong visual identity brings consistency to our spaces, yet allows each one to reflect its distinct personality and culture.

Vanessa Butz - Managing Director


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