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Title: Jupiter Ascending
Clients: Warner Bros.
Services: Screen Graphics

Territory craft on-set screens for the Wachowski's visual extravaganza

An original science fiction action adventure from Lana and Andy Wachowski, we were approached to work with The Wachowski’s art team to create a series of animated screen graphics. Production designer Hugh Bateup was interested in a unique view of the galaxy through graphic displays, and asked us to craft concepts that would feature as part of the navigation systems in a number of spacecraft scenes. We specifically looked at a visual way of bringing gravitational forces to life on screen, and spent a lot of time exploring how best to use isometric lines, normally used to describe weather fronts, to represent gravity and other invisible forces. We then went on to create content based around warped time, wormhole travel, activating/deactivating force fields and planetary systems.The result is a beautiful, organic interpretation of the science of identifying unseen events, forms that are 'read' to reveal ships de-cloaking or the fabric of space being folded to create a wormhole. The visuals were used throughout the spaceship environments, projected onto angled butterfly screens. Some of the panels had geometric designs etched onto them as well, so that our kinetic projections mingled with physical glass etchings. It turned out to become a clever merge of 3d set design and animated projections. To ensure continuity and uniquely own-able assets, we also crafted a bespoke typeface for the film.

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I personally feel that our visual interpretation of gravitational events  holds up as a piece of data design but also as an iconic visual element for the film. We’re all huge fans of the Matrix films at Territory. The screens in those films are incredibly iconic and serve as a lens into a virtual world. Our hope and intent was to provide the directors with a similar graphic language that both functioned as a screen graphic but also as a representation of how people/aliens understand the world/universe around them.

Font Design

Project Credits


Motion Design Nik 'Nikill' Hill, Marti Romances, Yugen Blake, Jay Dingle, Ryan Jefferson Hays, Dave Penn
Production Sam Hart
Creative Direction David Sheldon-Hicks

Showreel Andy Schofield, Cristina Casanova
Audio DJ Metatron - U'll Be The King Of The Stars

Warner Bros.

Directors Lana and Andy Wachowski
Production Designer Hugh Bateup
Set Decoration Peter Walpole

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