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Killzone: Mercenary

Clients: Guerilla Cambridge and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Categories: UI & UX, Logo and Idents, Cinematics, Cut Scenes

After success with Killzone 3, Territory was again asked to apply its creative talent to the fifth addition to the popular franchise.

As the first title in the hugely successful FPS series to be released on the portable PlayStation Vita, expectations were high. We came on board at an early stage, to plan, design and deliver UI and in-game cinematics that were visually rich, developed the plot, were true to Killzone’s UI language and felt seamless on a small screen.

Our creative priority is always to create a pleasing experience that is anchored in human authenticity. Killzone’s core audience is very technically savvy and have high expectations, so we needed to balance plot development, entertainment, authenticity and consistency.

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The mission briefing are motion graphics narratives that explain to the player there objectives for the next mission. Territory used a high tech aesthetic, slightly glitchy here and there to reflect the Mercenary nature of the user. We wanted it to feel high tech and military with a sense that it had been hacked and modified by the user.


As gamers, we were very aware of our responsibility to make sure that our work felt like a natural fit with the action and we worked hard to develop seamless transitions and mission briefings that felt relevant yet did their job to advance the plot.

David Sheldon-Hicks - Creative Director


The weapons tutorials introduced each new weapon to the player,  using motion graphics to highlight key features.



Concepts and stylframes to flesh out the look and feel for the cut scene animations. Ultimately these were revised to better suit the smaller screen format.


The project included 22 animations, comprising an intro, 9 mission briefings and an outro, and 8 weapon tutorials, opening logos and developer end-game credits

Project Credits


Creative Director David Sheldon-Hicks
Senior Producer Sam Hart
Animation Team Jamie Child, Richard Coldicott, Jay Dingle, Gabor Ekes, Peter Eszenyi, Carl Fairweather, Mantas Gritaitis, Ryan Jefferson Hays, Nik Hill, Jason Moss, Jonny Ouellette, Jordi Pages, Raoul Paulet, Marti Romances, Sam Vacquier, James Wignall, Mike Wilson, Alasdair Willson

Guerrilla Cambridge

Game Director Piers Jackson
Art Director Thomas Jones
Graphic Designer Matthew Power
Senior Video Editor Simon Bastow
Senior Producer Mark Green

SCEE Creative Services Group, London


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