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Title: LG Product Book
Clients: LG Design Europe
Categories: Branding & Identity

Brand Content

Territory crafts an exclusive design showcase for LG.

LG’s European Design Studio generates design concepts and innovations across their entire product portfolio. Working alongside the studio’s design director, we produced a monograph to showcase the team’s work over a two year period. As the studio’s work is highly confidential, our book concept references a secret dossier, with subtle technical details throughout. To encapsulate the sense of secrecy, confidentiality and exclusivity of the work, each book was delivered in individually number stamped envelopes. The limited run of 50 books were given to the studio’s designers and a select number of the most senior members of LG’s global team in Korea.

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Innovation bound

The book jacket was designed to feel inconspicuous, using a simple typographic composition. The internal cover is a vivid red colour to create a surprise contrast when discovered.

Private Dossier

Each book was delivered in a personalised, hand-numbered folder, further enhancing the secretive nature of the contents.


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