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Title: Lift London Identity
Clients: Lift London
Categories: Branding & Identity, Logo and Idents


Creating a playful, professional identity for an exciting new Microsoft­owned games studio in the heart of London.

Lift London are an ever-­expanding games company based in Soho, London. After two years or rapid growth they needed a new identity that could fuse and communicate their aspirations for the future; to create awesome games available whenever and wherever you are. We spoke at length with Lift about their inspirations from the gaming, film, art and design worlds developing an iterative  logo design approach to fuel the conversations. The final logo is an ambigram (a word or mark reading the same upside­down) that encapsulates the playful nature of their industry while retaining a sense of professionalism and authority. A full set of branded collateral and usage guidelines were created to complement the identity.

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Playful Ambigram

After a multitude of ideas based on the combination of playfulness and professionalism we created a simple but elegant typographic solution using the word 'Lift'. The logotype was crafted to be read upside down allowing it to be rotated 180 degrees. This 'ambigram' delivered the playful feel whilst retaining a level of professionalism.

Highly Crafted

We always apply a high degree of technical detail when crafting the final artwork for an identity system. The inclusion and rationale behind the word 'London' meant that the logo orientation could be understood. The benefit of this is when used purposefully upside down it allowed the unique nature of the logo design to be understood.

The Design Process

This video shows the various concepts we presented and how we developed the final logo.

Delivering Consistency

To help Lift London maintain a level of consistency when using the different logo assets we created a simple identity guidelines document detailing elements such as colours, typography, layout and logo usage.


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