Little Big Planet PS Vita

Title: Little Big Planet
Clients: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Tarsier Studio
Services: Trailers

Territory won the pitch to create a trailer for Sony's eagerly anticipated Little Big Planet on the PS Vita.

The fourth installment of the puzzle platform video game was developed specifically for the PlayStation Vita handheld console, and we came on board with Sony’s creative team to create a trailer that would demonstrate its portability and fun.

Working closely with Sony and Tarsier, we devised a concept that played up the portability theme with the idea that the player can play this anywhere, going further and further from Earth.With SackBoy as the animated hero alongside actors shot against green screen, the light-hearted hyper-real concept brings the 'Play Anytime, Play Anywhere' strapline to life, showing the game being played in different scenarios that are further and further removed from earth. Beginning on the ground with a guy on a bus, then a man in a crane, two skydivers playing together, the trailer ends with an astronaut playing the game in space. Sony's creative team loved the concept so much that they incorporated gameplay levels specific to the trailer concept.

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