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Territory Studio is a creative specialist with a unique approach to motion design, visual effects and digital experiences. Drawing on deep expertise of narrative design for film, games and brands, we blend creative with technology to realise compelling future facing experiences.

Working across diverse briefs, our team of ambitious, focused and proactive cross discipline creatives draw on their passion for craft and story to deliver uniquely engaging content.

As a creative production partner, we work in collaboration with global marketing, advertising and design agencies to devise and execute flawless design, animation and UI for commercials, product videos, experiential installations, digital products, VR, gaming and more.


World building: the new road map

18.06.2019 • Future Tech

World building: the new road map

From Tolkien’s richly detailed Middle Earth to J K Rowling’s wizarding world, ‘world building’ is a narrative device long employed by authors to map the cultures, peoples and environments...

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