Chris Angelkov

Chris Angelkov is a designer and director that has successfully combined the disciplines of art and technology to excel in graphics and motion design.

Chris joined Static 2358, where he cut his teeth in creating motion graphics for TV branding at networks including SKY, Channel 4 and Disney. From there, he became co-founder and creative director at Precursor, a design and moving image studio, where he led projects for BBC, Nike, and substantial rebrand work for E4 and the MTV European Music awards.

More recently, Chris went on to run a Brighton-based image design company, ATYP, working notably with Toyota and Jaguar. Now residing in a secluded country location surrounded by deer and fields, Chris is continuing to work freelance on animation and motion design projects for major global brands.

Toyota Commercial

Chris was approached by Droga5 in NY to direct the global launch commercial for the world’s first hydrogen-powered production car – the Toyota Mirai.  Based on the polluting nature of archaic fossil fuels vs the ‘blueprint design language’ of innovative technology, a rallying call to action was gracefully constructed to highlight this turning point in history.  Chris worked with Analog Studio and underwent a detailed R&D process in order to develop and execute the voxel technique that portrays the carbon for the film’s landscape. A purposefully paired back, the monotone approach was taken to complement the serious nature of the message and allow for the blue to shine through and take centre stage.

Agency: Droga 5. Production Company: ATYP. Animation: Analogue Studio.

Cubitts A/W

Chris created a series of films to highlight Cubitts’ upcoming Autumn/Winter range, focusing the brief on evolving forms and colours as they contrast and combine. Chris explored the relationships between opposing aspects, generating a series of abstract acetate discs paired with a more delicate, lightweight, metal.

These contrasting elements build and combine in a playful, graphic manner to highlight the concept ‘From the Workshop’ and how the inception of a range starts with the simple idea of materials and form. Stills and films were incrementally released across Cubitts social channels and website, revealing more and more of the spectacle’s composition leading up to the launch.

MfMi #001

MFMI asked Chris to kickstart their art label experiment. The idea flips the traditional on its head, that audio is commissioned to support a moving image project. Instead, MFMI starts with the audio and gets their artists to conceive a piece of sound, to which the director listens and reacts, and a film is born from. Just for the sheer fun of it, and because that’s what the music inspired… Chris made the resulting film.

Hans Christian Anderson

Chris was approached to collaborate on the opening of the new HCA Museum in Odense, Denmark. Working on multiple exhibits within the museum, Chris’s role was to creatively develop some of the more challenging aspects of the experience within the realm of projection mapping.

Archive Database was a voyage into the mind of Hans himself whilst showcasing the plethora of photographs within the museum’s extensive archive. It was a fascinating, multi-faceted process that moved omnidirectionally. After the initial scan, modelling, rigging and skinning of 3D, Hans was set up and applied to motion capture data. After being broken down and rebuilt, Hans could mechanise the movement and bring a puppet-style quality to the motion.

Client: HCA. Production Company: Agile.

Ju-Ju Juice

Chris has worked with Lost+Found as ECD since its inception, from curating an exhibition at Tate Modern to designing its award-winning bold and graphic can art. Chris animated the release of JU-JU Juice, highlighting the magical properties of a beer that tastes powerful while maintaining a low ABV. A series of abstracted amorphous vignettes were cashed together using a modern CMYK-inspired palette to playfully punch home the core requirements.


London-based, Ravensbourne University partnered with Chris to create a launch video for its new post-graduate offering. Chris worked closely with the creative team at Ravensbourne to define the brief at the conception stage, leading to an immersive, visual journey taking viewers and potential students through the possibilities of creativity. The final film utilised all manner of 3D techniques to showcase existing and future-focused technologies. The result is dynamic and eclectic, weaving a variety of creative concepts to evoke that anything is possible.

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