A retelling of the classic 1965 sci-fi epic, Dune follows Paul Atreides whose family takes control of the planet Arrakis in a distant interstellar society. Arrakis is dangerous and hostile, but it is the source of a valuable drug named “spice” which gives users enhanced mental abilities and longer life. We were thrilled to be asked to come on board for our second opportunity to work with Denis Villeneuve on his next sci-fi film, the remake of the iconic classic, Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, Dune. Territory joined the Art Department, working closely with Production Designer, Patrice Vermette. Unlike many sci-fi settings, the universe of Dune has very little technology and digital human interface that a contemporary audience might expect. Territory was tasked by Patrice with two small yet key elements, the gyro controls of the Ornithopters, including two Atredies Models as well as Harkonnen, and the Sonic Probe device.