Territory Studio designed and delivered the bespoke digital content and software programming for Emirates’ flagship pavilion at Dubai World Expo 2020, where we brought all of our combined expertise in movies, gaming and experiential to bear, teleporting audiences into the world of tomorrow. Located on a purpose-built, 438 hectare site, Expo finally closed its doors in March 2022, having welcomed over 24 million visitors in just six months, from 178 countries world-wide. In terms of sheer size and scale, this is one of the biggest projects that Territory has undertaken, encompassing all manner of technologies and approaches, including interactives, haptics, robotics, 360 projection and VR. Over three years, our team worked on every facet of production - from UI, UX, concepting and coding, to brand design, animation and sound. Ultimately, our goal was to inspire and excite a diverse audience with all the drama and theatre more commonly associated with science fiction.