With ambitious plans to rejuvenate Camden’s business culture, Interchange aims to attract a new breed of creative technologists to the area with its 8,400m2 development. Spread over three sites, the challenge was to create a brand that affirms Interchange as a game­changing service-­focused professional partner that can facilitate growth in the creative technology sector by providing a premium service culture and inspirational community culture. Working closely with managing director Vanessa Butz, we consulted on brand proposition with a differentiated service and experience strategy, and created the identity scheme that ties the three spaces together. The development targets the creative technology industry, which is a sector in transition from start-­ups to mature mid­-sized companies that identify success with Interchange’s luxury service offer and experience. We delivered a robust yet flexible identity system that imbues trust and integrity across all printed and digital collateral and that can be applied across internal and external environments.