360 Video Shoot

The Film

Fashion editorial is a fast moving sector that taps into aspirational and lifestyle trends, and it needs to keep up with technology in a way that works with brands. The artistic vision of this content package sets it apart, ensuring the creative and narrative control that fashion brands want as part of their campaigns

Sebastian Pons – Creative Director and Photographer

Behind the Scenes of the Shoot

Since 360 live action technology is still relatively new, we took the opportunity to explore tools and techniques to create a highly stylized visual experience.

As non-linear narratives, there were a number of details that we had to get right from a technical and creative perspective. This involved detailed preparation on the model’s placement and movement to make sure the post video stitching matched, as well as maintaining a consistent scene (lighting, object placement, etc) throughout the whole shoot.

While the 360 allows the viewer freedom to explore the environment, we experimented with using the models’ poses, choreography and typographic elements as narrative tools, helping to direct the eye within the space and that was a really interesting challenge.

Nick Lyons – Designer

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