Designed to demonstrate the potential of 360’s in the fashion sector, Motion Cloning coincides with London Fashion Week 2016 (16-20th September), and the package includes a 360 experience, a 2D film, Behind The Scenes video, GIF animations, and print and poster photography.
Devised to dovetail with shoppable e-commerce campaigns, the editorial package takes an agile multichannel approach that marries the strategic needs and campaign schedules of marketing departments with deep understanding of how to best leverage various technologies across platforms and channels – from web and socials, to 360, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
“The ‘sticky’ potential of 360’s make them attractive content in the entertainment sector, and we felt that there was an opportunity to apply that approach to the fashion sector, where beautifully produced and choreographed fashion editorial can stand out as highly curated content marketing opportunities”, says David Sheldon-Hicks, Executive Creative Director of Territory.