Wanting a high tech look that supported the quest lead by a super advanced scientific research facility, Ridley Scott’s art team turned to Territory for screen graphics. Prometheus was a brilliant project for us. Not only are we all Alien fans, but as graphic designers we revere Ron Cobbs iconic design work. But Ridley was clear that this project was not a recreation of Alien but something altogether different. With a brief to be original, working with Ridley Scott was incredibly inspiring and encouraging. His creative briefs were very loose, but he was always demanding in final execution and pushing us to think outside of the normal screen design look. From navigation screens, data consoles, medical scanning equipment to HUDs, our UI concepts were rooted in research into the

latest military and scientific thinking of the day, but the colours, forms and choreography that underpinned our visual language were inspired by Ridley’s references to art, dance, music and the natural world. The collision of these two worlds felt truly original and in tune with his vision of the Prometheus universe. I believe the entire team found the process creatively rewarding. Plus we knew our work was going to be shot beautifully against other stunning visual produced by the rest of the art department & VFX.
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