Picking up from where series One Strange Rock left off, Welcome To Earth follows two-time Academy Award® nominee Will Smith as he sets out to explore the far reaches and extreme ends of the earth, from active volcanoes to deep ocean adventures.

Territory Studio was tasked with producing the series logo, and bespoke opening titles for each episode, and other graphical text elements for the graphics package for each episode.

From a design perspective, adding personality to each separate episode title came organically. We were careful not to deviate too far from the National Geographic brand, but took guidance from two themes to form our design. The themes “the closer you look, the stranger it gets”, and that “the secrets of the planet are hidden all around us, for us all to uncover” acted as inspiration. Exploring ways in which the animation of the title resolves could subtly hint to these themes sat at the heart of our design thinking.

A co-production between National Geographic, Nutopia, and Westbrook Studios for Disney+ and National Geographic Channel, Welcome to Earth premiered on December 8th, 2021.