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06 Jun 2023 • Uncategorized

We are very pleased to welcome the launch of a new Territory Group company, Terra Firma Pictures.

Terra Firma is a director-led, global creative production and animation studio that specializes in creating standout content for Brands, and Games. The goal is to connect the world’s most creative storytellers with some of the most talented and innovative directors in the industry, providing them with the talent necessary to bring their vision to life.

The diverse roster of award-winning directors available has been handpicked to represent a spectrum of styles and aesthetics. Bringing personality and flair to their work, the exceptional talent represented in this roster is proven in directing for mediums including high-profile commercial spots, cinematics, and short film, both in animation and live-action.

Directors represented by Terra Firma, include:

  • Andrew Gant
  • Ben Hansford
  • Brien Goodrich
  • David Adam Roth
  • Ivo Sousa
  • Nidia Dias
  • Onur Senturk
  • Sebastian Pfeifer
  • STIP

This award-winning roster of directors has already worked with some of the world’s leading games developers, brands, and agencies.

We are really excited to celebrate the work these directors will be able to turn their hands to.

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