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Clients: Square Enix Europe
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Territory creates a 50 second trailer to promote the long awaited Steam release of Heroes & Generals, one of the biggest and most successful free to play 'mass participation' games online.

When Reto-Moto wanted an action-packed launch trailer for the Steam launch of Heroes & Generals, we were happy to get involved.

The massively scaled multiplayer game is a FPS based on World War II, that allows players to experience a variety of tactical and strategic roles, playing under either an Axis or Allied command. Gamers can choose to play as frontline infantry or tank gunners, as fighter pilots or paratroopers, or generals in command campaigns.

Briefed to create a powerful trailer to mark the milestone launch, and reflected the human side of conflict, we spent time familiarising ourselves with the gameplay and objectives – the teamwork, sense of comradeship, achieving objectives, fighting to protect others.

The result is an exciting, action-packed and intense trailer that focuses on the emotional experience of the game, and that reflects the epic scale and atmosphere of the WWII environments.

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Concept and Storyboarding

Once we felt we had a good sense of the gameplay, we worked through a number of narrative drafts of how we could convey that through a trailer; again, focussing on the emotional experience of battle - the intense and chaotic action, gunfire and explosions at close range, seeing your friends fall under gunfire, the sense of purpose and achievement as you push back the enemy. It's this combined sense of epic strategic battlefield, with a cinematic emotional cross section that we were aiming for. With a narrative that focuses on the feel and atmosphere of the game, rather than the gameplay itself, we devised, scripted and storyboarded the film.

The Making of Heroes and Generals

Here we take a look at the process of making the trailer, including interviews with Territory's live-action team and a closer look at the VFX simulations, detailed modelling and rendering that went into the project, as well as interviews with Reto Moto team.

Production shoot - Behind the scenes

The developer was extremely interested in historical accuracy and authenticity so it was important that our costume department and armourer researched the material thoroughly. From the directors perspective we wanted the CGI explosions that would be inserted later to feel as though they had real impact, so our stunt team worked tirelessly on wires to give a performance that reflected the rigours of war.


VFX Breakdown

Having directed and shot the film, we worked on the VFX to enhance the production with a contemporary cinematic graphic treatment that references authentic gameplay details, including uniforms, weaponry, vehicles and environments.

Project Credits


Cast David Anders, Pablo Casillas Quian, Lee Charles, Jean-Paul Jesstiece, Ryan Oliva, Ian Pead, Peter Pedrero, Jonathan Sharpe, Pablo Verdejo, Chris Webb
Director Guy Nisbett
DoP Marcus Domleo
Assistant Director Rawden DeFresnes
Stunt Coordinator Peter Pedrero
Focus Puller David Litchfield
Dolly Grip Peter Childs
Gaffers Craig Davis, Ross Duffy
Art Director Graham Dance
Art Assistant Chris Ford
Lead Stylist Boo Atwood
Stylist Assistant Sarah Mulindwa
Hair & Make-up Artists Emma Watts, Cat Silliman
Armourers Armoury Supplies
Unit Photographer Matt Robinson
Data Wrangler Matt Cole
Production Assistant Carly Desantis
Medic Daniel Frost
VFX Supervisor Peter Eszenyi
VFX Producer Sam Hart
Storyboard Artist Alex Flynn
CGI Rachel Chu, Chris Cousins, Peter Eszenyi
Lead Compositor Jesse Richards
Compositors Daniel Højlund, Sam Keehan
Animator Nik Hill
Rotoscope Artists Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Angela Rinaldi
Researcher Daniel Højlund
Music Composer Jesper Kyd
Sound Designer Nicolai Grønborg
Additional Sound Design James Locke-Hart
Creative Director David Sheldon-Hicks


Filmed at Studio 2000 Elstree


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