Medal of Honor

Title: Medal of Honor
Clients: EA
Services: Cinematics

Wanting to reboot the iconic FPS franchise with a contemporary conflict as backdrop to the combat gameplay, Territory was asked to create the 2 minute opening CG cinematic for the 2010 release.

The thirteenth game of the Medal of Honor series, the 2010 release was the first to leave the theatre of WWII. Set in the Afghan war zone, we were asked to create a 100 second cinematic intro to set the scene.

We were tasked with an opening 90 cinematic that explains the mission and we devised a concept based on a long continuously sweeping camera move that begins tracking the Earth from space and drops lower and lower, past satellites, clouds, Predator drones to a small Afghan village. Once the sequence had been established the client provided a script that we synched the satellites with, giving the impression of listening in to satellite transmissions that are all relevant to the action about to unfold. We modelled all elements from scratch, from the view of earth Earth, the light as it filters through different atmospheric layers, satellites and drones, cloud and vapour trails, to terrain images. The result is a beautifully filmic sequence that we're still very proud of.

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The Medal of Honor cinematic intro was a stunning piece of work to get as a new studio and it really demonstrated the value of our approach, and established the quality and ambition of our creative vision and care for craft and detail.

David Sheldon-Hicks


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