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13 Apr 2021 • The Studio

Samia Hoque

We’re really proud of our staff at Territory Studio. Even if not directly involved in the awesome work we deliver to our clients, we each appreciate creativity and being creative, in whatever format. 

If you’re here, you’ve probably already seen our work. Now we invite you to get to know us better. Starting with our creative teams, we’ll be asking questions and sharing not only TS project work, but personal creative projects and what really inspires us day to day.

Tyrone Magnusen – Junior Motion Designer

I really like visual storytelling and finding really creative ways to tell a narrative. I discovered the world of motion and fell in love.

– Tyrone Magnusen

Tell us a bit about you: 

Growing up I enjoyed playing outside, trying different things and feeling free. My older brother and I would often move around different creative hobbies and have fun with it, from photography and film to roller skating and dancing. I always knew I wanted to go on a creative path but wanted to do something that combines all my interests growing up… then the world of motion appeared in front of me.

I really like visual storytelling and finding really creative ways to tell a narrative. I love film photography which is something I’d love to get into more after lockdown. I’m used to taking portraits and landscapes of places I’ve travelled to. Fashion photography is something I dabble in, I have a few friends and family who I enjoy working with.  

What inspires you creatively? 

Observing nature, there’s an energy that makes me feel at home.

A book that changed my life is ‘Power Of Now’. It changed my perspective towards life as well as my creativity as it’s increased my awareness of everything around me and made me appreciate the smaller things.

I love a bit of existential crisis, so ‘iRobot’, ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ and ‘Matrix’ are one of my favourite thought-provoking movies. 

How long have you been at Territory? 

2 Years.

Why did you want to work at Territory? 

The first work that I saw Territory’s work in was ‘Blade Runner‘ and ‘Ready Player One‘ and thought that’s so cool. And when I noticed they had worked on ‘Ex Machina‘ and ‘The Martian‘, I liked the calibre of work they take on. 

Territory has a very good approach to creating motion graphics that help to compliment and progress a story in a cool way.

What’s been your favourite TS project to work on so far and why? 

‘Studio Gobo’ was the first solo project that I worked on from concept to final product. I enjoyed working throughout. It was fun to use lighting as a way to tell a story: exploring the untold journey of light that quietly sits in the background, enhancing shapes and colours that eventually reveals the Studio Gobo logo.

Check out our webpage for Studio Gobo here

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