Maxon Cinema 4D MoGraph Toolset honoured by Academy

13 Feb 2019 • The Studio

Samia Hoque

We are very proud to have helped Maxon win a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Marti Romances, Creative Director San Francisco, made a presentation to the judging panel, showcasing how we use Maxon’s MoGraph tools in our work.

“Territory Studio’s motion graphics work has been instrumental in highlighting the value and versatility of the Cinema 4D toolset,” commented Maxon’s Chief Executive Officer, David McGavran. “We are gratified to have been the preferred solution to realise their graphic concepts for award-winning Blade Runner 2049, and Oscar VFX nominees Ready Player One and Avengers Infinity War”.

Congratulations to Per-Anders Edwards and everyone involved at Maxon. We we look forward to continuing to work closely together.

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