Ad Astra

Category: Screen Graphics - Sci-Fi

Territory was approached by VFX Producer Allen Maris to work on Ad Astra, creating screen GFX to support story beats throughout the film. A speculative view of the future, designs were deliberately grounded in scientific and military references, working with NASA and JPL engineers to bring a sense of authenticity and gravitas to the deep space saga.

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A key visual element shown throughout the film is the use of various communication devices including U.S Space Command Border Protection Terminals, Message Centre Apps, and a Mars Map Tablet showing detailed terrain both above and below the Red Planet’s surface. The use of higher colour values was also important, allowing animations to be seen clearly through thick plexiglass tablets.

Energy Waves

An incredible sequence features the visualization of radiation waves sweeping across space toward earth. Director James Gray requested a paired down, schematic look to animations, while also showing how these waves would travel through the vast reaches of our solar system. After experimenting with over a dozen different looks, the final 2D graphic representation visualizes the event in a memorable and compelling way.


Whether landing on a planet or flying across its surface, detailed analysis of space and time were required, etched into the film via a number of vehicle monitors and screens, each underlining the precision and care required to travel through space and time.

Lunar Shuttle Gate

Breaking News and Flight Information with infomercial and boarding screens add another layer of authenticity to the film.

Film Shots

A cross section of images showing an overall utilitarian look to the design work, all with functionality foremost in mind. A simple colour pallet was often acquired, a look befitting the military nature of the dangerous space mission, one that threatens the very existence of mankind.

“James requested a high degree of authenticity in our work, and it helped to have one of our artists with their team in LA for a few days. This allowed us to see what he wanted first-hand, and also understand the particular look he wanted for the film.”

Marti Romances, Creative Director at Territory Studio

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