Blade Runner 2049

Title: Blade Runner 2049
Client: Alcon Entertainment
Category: Sci-Fi

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Tapped to create screen graphics for the sequel to Ridley Scott’s iconic film, Territory joined the art department in the very early stages of production. With an open brief to reconsider technology interfaces and interaction systems, we worked closely with Director Denis Villeneuve and Supervising Art Director Paul Inglis to support storybeats, performance and context. Adopting an experimental approach, the team set out to create highly original screens. Working across 15 sets, we delivered over 100 assets for on set playback, also driving the design direction for those concepts delivered to post.

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Concept & Development Reel

Asked to explore physical and organic alternatives to digital, LED and devices, the team sought to develop concepts that felt seamless with the bleak world of 2049. Setting aside CG tools and sketchbooks, we turned to the physical textures of old school technology.

The first weeks of the project were spent experimenting with the different visual effects that optical lenses, cine projectors, microfiche, card systems, etc. could produce. Even grapes and grapefruits, eyeballs and bone were dissected, magnified, photographed and scanned to create organic abstraction.

Marrying narrative content and textural layers in CG, the team designed and animated each specific storybeat, creating original interface and interaction systems that felt authentic and credible within the context of each specific scene.

It’s not often you get the chance to work with a true visionary and Denis Villeneuve most certainly is that. The weight of expectation and legacy with this project simply added to the excitement of the challenge. Denis asked us to imagine a world where digital technology no longer exists and therefore conceive a new kind of tech. One that is more physical, organic and grounded in this dystopian world whilst also reflecting the characters and their divide within society.

Andrew Popplestone, Creative Director at Territory Studio

LAPD: Baseline Scan

An advanced version of the ‘Voight-Kampff’ test, the Baseline scans show the view through the optic nerve, suggesting neural activity in the replicant. A reminder of technological progression since the original film, the intention was to achieve a level of abstraction in the images that had an aesthetic, as much as organic quality. Macrophotography and photogrammetry of grapefruit flesh provided the perfect organic abstraction of neural activity that Denis was looking for in this sequence.

Project Credits


Director Denis Villeneuve
Production Designer Dennis Gassner
Supervising Art Director Paul Inglis
Director of Photography Roger Deakins
Lead Graphic Designer Laura Dishington
Graphic Designer Enikő Bognár
Assistant Graphic Designer Agi Maza

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