Coldplay x BTS Music Video

Client: Freenjoy
Category: Screen Graphics

Territory Studio was tasked to create VFX transitions, titles, UI, holograms, and future-facing graphical elements for “My Universe,” the galaxy-spanning music video from BTS and Coldplay. The high-energy video takes place in an intergalactic future of The Spheres, a region where music has been forbidden until BTS, Coldplay, and an alien supergroup named Supernova7 band together via an interplanetary broadcast to defy the ban.

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DJ LAFRIQUE Spaceship Graphics

Territory Studio created unique UI and communication systems for the spaceship interior including interface design of menus, holographic concepts, and HUD systems that balance plot points and enhance viewer engagement.

Portal Transitions

Sweeping particle transitions teleport band members through the cosmos from one planet to another, bringing the musicians together to chant a blissful chorus of poetic lyrics and heartfelt synths.

Territory was a vital and nuanced partner for the video as they brought that layer of legitimacy to the sci-fi motion graphics in scenes that made the world we were building feel more legit and considered.

Dave Meyers, Director

SILENCERS Drone Graphics

HUD graphics for drone POVs of each band on different galactic planets were seamlessly added in post.


Titling and text elements including opening and closing slates were created to anchor the narrative of this future fantasy space adventure, with Territory also creating logo and brand identity for Supernova7.

Project Credits

Director Dave Meyers
EP/Producer Nathan Scherrer
Director of Photography Scott Cunningham
Production Designer François Audouy
Editor Nick Gilberg

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