Andrew Gant

An award-winning director based in LA, Andrew Gant has travelled the world for much of his life, born in the cornfields of Indiana before crossing the North Atlantic and growing up in the UK.

After getting his start in editing, VFX, and photography, Andrew began directing content and films for brands in 2013 that combined storytelling with stunning cinematic visuals. He also became one of the first stewards of a burgeoning volumetric capture movement which has now fully realized itself and led him into the fields of VR, AR, immersive, and live stream capture. Inspired by people and music, Andrew will jump at any opportunity to tell unique stories through a combination of mediums and technologies


This collaboration between Microsoft and Nao was a groundbreaking website experience, allowing viewers to control the camera angle as the music video unfolded. As the director, Andrew guided both client and agency through the world of Volumetric Capture during production and post, while working closely with the Design and Programming team as well.

The full performance of the artists was captured live at Microsoft’s Stages in San Francisco while Andrew edited together a previs of how the experience should work with digital cameras. This allowed the programming team to visually see how the experience should unfold with the footage captured and with this, they could then translate the previs into code for the interactive webpage.

Production: MTN GODS.

Batmobile 360 - Facebook

With Photogrammetry and Volumetric Capture directed by Andrew and post-production completed by Territory Studio, the Batmobile 360 was a groundbreaking experience that could be activated through Google Maps. Online users could find Batman’s “pedestrian” residence on Google Maps and then switch to street view to uncover the Batcave. Once entered, a 360 experience would open up and users could explore the Batcave and the newly revealed Batmobile. There was also an option to view and ride in the Batmobile in VR through Facebook. To craft the visuals for the experience, a real Batmobile was scanned and captured on set in Toronto before Territory’s artists completed post-production.

Production: Territory Studio.

EDEN - drugs (VR Experience)

EDEN’s ‘drugs’ is a Virtual Reality music video filled with VFX. The video features DepthKit volumetric performance capture, stereoscopic 3D plate shots, point cloud data inclusion, and heavy CGI. All these elements were used to build up a picture of the inner thought process of an artist called EDEN. It also contains a sprawling spatial audio mix created for a complete sensory experience, a YouTube first.

Tying into EDEN’s new tour kick-off, EDEN unveiled the experience, developed and distributed by SAMO in partnership with Scooter Braun’s SB Projects. The video is available in VR and 360 on Facebook and EDEN’s YouTube channel where the experience taps into the 360 video feature and YouTube’s newly available spatial audio capabilities. The video can also be viewed in VR on Oculus, Milk VR, Jaunt, VRideo, Discovery, Littlstar, Napster and Hulu.

Production: Samo VR.

Haig Club - David Beckham in China

Starring England football legend David Beckham, this Haig Club advertisement combines electric, time-lapsed visuals from the streets of Shanghai with an alluring whiskey-bar setting. The signature whiskey brand is brought to life with a beating soundtrack that adds colour to the visual experience. This project led to a second film produced by Andrew called “David Beckham and the Wellington Arch”, telling the story of the ex-football star’s grandparents.

Production: tinygiant.

AXL / Miles

AXL is a film directed by Oliver Day and was Territory Studio and Andrew Gant’s first collaboration. The film explores the use of Volumetric Capture as a visual effect, creating the main character’s robot vision. Drawing references from the LiDAR technology used by autonomous cars and robots, the robot’s POV is grounded in credible technology. The UI references LiDAR’s 3D point clouds, providing data about range, reflectance, density and spatial structure.

Production: Territory Studio.

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