David Adam Roth

Residing in sunny Southern California, David Adam Roth is a multi-disciplined director who exudes a passion for emotional storytelling and worldbuilding.

A graduate of USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts, he currently sits on the Showrunner helm at Cloud Imperium Games. His impressive body of work includes directing stints at Riot Games, Midnight Bloom, and Boxer Films and has directed work for the United Nations, Audi, Expedia, Nissan, and Walgreens, amongst others.

David continues to hone his craft by drawing from unique perspectives while pushing the use of compelling narratives through painstaking attention to detail, empathy, and design.

Favouring character-driven, poignant filmmaking, David makes use of his background in directing actors, live-action, and motion capture to elicit emotion and texture to his pursuits.

The Reunion

Shot on stage over several days, this short film explores the world of the intrepid smuggler, Alex Dougan, in the midst of a messy job that sees her reunited with unpredictable former cohort Madi Zhen, pursued by bounty hunters and gangsters, and haunted by specters from her past. The film was concepted and created as an immersive kickoff for Star Citizen’s winter sales event and the launch of the fictional ship manufacturer, Crusader Industries’ Mercury Star Runner.

Production: Cloud Imperium

RSI Scorpius

Spending a day on the motion capture stage to grab subtle movement and performance details, David directed this action sequence of pilots scrambling to fight an emerging threat. Roberts Space Industries is a fictional spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game Star Citizen and its companion single-player spaceflight sim, Squadron 42.

Production: Cloud Imperium

Invictus – Join the Fleet

Every year, the universe of Star Citizen gathers to celebrate Invictus Launch Week, a time to honor service to the UEE and aerospace and defense manufacturers across the galaxy.  David wanted to create a unique ownable look for the event and, using the universe’s star map as inspiration to tell a journey using both 2.5D pre-rendered sequence to work seamlessly with the world in real-time.

Production: Cloud Imperium / Midnight Sherpa.

Anvil Carrack

What’s out there? Find out with this in-lore advertisement from the fictional ship manufacturer, Anvil Aerospace. Designed for and played in-game as an exploration ship, this piece was made to both show off the ship (as an in-world branded short film) as well as the variety of environments and planets that can be explored IRL within the game, Star Citizen.

Production: Cloud Imperium


Concepted and designed for the fictional ship manufacturer, Anvil Aerospace, this piece not only showcases the tactical use and functionality of a ground-to-air mobile missile launch vehicle as well as a sort of response to another in-lore commercial made for Anvil’s rival, the fictional shipbuilder, Aegis Dynamics.

Production: Cloud Imperium


Part of a 6-part campaign, the ‘Playmakers’ series features visualizations and narrations of various League of Legends professional players from around the globe who break down their unique strategies and key split-second decisions. We use holographic projections to showcase the players’ thoughts in real-time. David directed the professional players on set as well as worked on the motion graphics and compositing to create in-depth holographic maps, characters avatars, re-interpretations of abilities and spells, scoreboards, banners, and strategic markers to convey the player’s thoughts. We then developed a visual system to track relevant player calculations based on our deep understanding of the game.

Production:  Midnight Bloom. VFX/Animation:  Midnight Sherpa / Goldtooth Creative

Everything To Win

Shot entirely in camera, this macro shot ‘inside baseball’ campaign was concepted and shot to showcase the Summer Split of LCS, League of Legend’s professional sports League in North America.

Production: Midnight Bloom


Stay Cool

Part of a 3-spot campaign that launched Riot Games’ honor program, a system meant to incentivize positive behavior among the League of Legends community by identifying and rewarding players who positively influence the gameplay experience of others in their games. With the help from professional players and League of Legends community members, this campaign explained the real-world equivalent to the different definitions of honor that players could bestow on others.

Production: Midnight Bloom

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