With our extensive film and games expertise, we feel ideally placed to handle these types of cross-over projects, and the whole team’s commitment to marry the highest production values with the engagement that an immersive experience makes possible really makes this project stand out

David Sheldon-Hicks

The 360 Video

On iOS and Android mobile devices, the viewing angle of a 360 video is changed by dragging a finger across the screen or by navigating with the device. When watching a 360 video on a computer, the viewing angle is changed by dragging with the mouse. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of your web browser. 360 videos on Facebook aren’t viewable on Safari or Internet Explorer.


Batmobile Interior

The recreation of the Batmobile interior was equally challenging: the team relied on film photography and the Kinect scan to provide accurate visual detail, scale and points of reference for the consoles, panels, screens and interior details, which were all recreated from the ground up.


Under Peter’s direction, the various components were modelled, animated and rendered and finally brought together into one continuous sequence. The final delivery is a seamless and absolutely authentic recreation of the Batmobile in the Batcave, that invites users to choose a camera point of view to explore the environment in a way not possible before this 360 technology existed


Project Credits


Photogrammetry Director Andrew Gant
Producers Alice Ceresole, Sam Hart
Head of 3D Peter Eszenyi
3D Artists Nick Lyons, Sam Munnings
Motion Designers Daniel Højlund, Sam Keehan
Exec Creative Director David Sheldon-Hicks
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