Coming on board in pre-production, we worked closely with director Donovan Marsh, production designer Jon Henson, and consulting Submarine Commanders, to craft technology interfaces that tied into storybeats, complemented the sophistication and authentic detail of each set, and maintained a level of accuracy and plausibility that felt consistent with the plot.
As a submarine’s situation is wholly interpreted through its instrumentation, the UI was intrinsic to clarifying action, driving the plot forward and contributing to dramatic tension. Envisaging the UI as its own character helped to establish a visual language that was utilitarian and detached from the unfolding thriller, accentuating the human drama at the heart of the story.
Complex and ambitious, with a huge number of storybeats to tie into, it was an exciting challenge for the team to balance visual aesthetics with functional realism, and we were able to work imaginatively within the constraints.