Briefed to reimagine the UI for Star Lord’s new spaceship and update the Avengers Compound, Territory’s San Francisco team supported the Russo brothers' vision for the third and fourth film of the Avengers franchise. For Infinity War we brought a fresh approach to the UI in Quill’s new spacecraft, framing organic and abstract 3D elements within a vibrant colour palette. Suggestive of a more advanced ship, our work supported action and performance in the cockpit, midship and gun wells. In evolving UI for the Avengers Compound, the studio riffed on previous work for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Creating 100 animated screens across the Guardian’s spaceship and the Avengers Compound, Territory worked closely with the playback team on-set, also delivering assets to post. Progressing into Endgame, we reflected battle damage in the graphics of Quill's ship, created unique characters and graphics for the Tokyo Karaoke scene and finally, supported the story beats that culminated in the epic climax.