When production designer Andrew Menzies scouted for a screen graphic lead to support this fast-paced narrative with its emphasis on explosive action and plot twists, Territory’s work on Hunter Killer, American Assassin, Agent 47: HitMan, and Oscar winning Zero Dark Thirty proved the studio’s visual and narrative capability.

Working closely with Berg on-set and in post, the team’s technology interfaces across monitors, displays, drone footage, etc, were informed by Berg’s commitment to realism, and by military consultants advising on detail.

Enhancements to authentic UI included the design of distinct visual languages or ‘brands’ for Overwatch, Wahlberg’s covert operatives, CIA, and the Russian antagonists. The team also created bespoke geographical and drone content and simplified complex data visualisations to realise Berg’s vision for advanced military technology, that ties into storybeats, action and performance.

The team spent over 11 months creating assets across all sets, delivering over 200 to production and vfx.