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007 Elements

Title: 007 Elements
Clients: Optimist Inc.
Categories: Installation

A striking new cinematic experience, 007 ELEMENTS places visitors inside the world of James Bond while revealing how that world is made. Working with EON Productions and Optimist Inc, Territory Studio helped to bring this experiential gallery to life.

Coming on board at the outset of the ambitious project, Territory’s brief included the development of a visual language and animated logo treatments, the creation of two of the exhibition’s key media narratives for large-scale cinematic projection, a bespoke soundscape for use across the whole gallery, and a teaser trailer to promote the new experience.
Working in close collaboration with James Bond Art Director Neal Callow (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, SkyfallSpectre) who designed and developed the interior concept, and Tino Schaedler, Head of Design at Optimist Inc., Territory’s team delivered a unique body of work to support the creative legacy of the Bond franchise.

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Media Installations

With a brief to share the creative legacy of the Bond franchise in two engaging large scale media installations, the team explored creative and narrative routes for each film. Curating assets for both films, we extensively researched EON and MGM’s archives of original footage, photography, props, sketches and concept art. Condensing over 50 years of history into two narratives that tie into key story points that have shaped the franchise, we devised both film treatments, from script to storyboard, and supported the live action shoots and edits with art direction.
Drawing on the studio’s deep story-driven expertise from film, games and installation design, each of the films blend archive footage, film sequences and narrative with graphic information and 3D models.

The Lobby design development

The Lobby film, narrated by Sam Mendes, sets the stage for visitors by introducing them to the rich history of the Bond film franchise, and the people who have been instrumental to its development and success, from the first Dr. No (1962) through to Spectre (2015).

MI6 Briefing Room design development

Referencing the Bond design language in physical form the Briefing Room is central to the 007 Elements experience. Projected on a 360 canvas, our fast-paced 5-minute film fills the physical space on bespoke wall to ceiling screens. Showcasing the stunning locations and ambitious set designs that are iconic to the franchise, the visual narrative and mechanism are synched to an 8 point audio track.

Weaving together original photography and film footage from behind and in front of the camera, with props, graphic architectural and geographic schematics, Territory presents a fascinating insight into the elements that made James Bond famous, with an emphasis on Spectre, which was filmed on location in the adjoining ice Q restaurant. Narration by Naomie Harris tell visitors about the history, locations and set design of these iconic films.

Final Designs

MI6 Briefing Room Installation


Territory also created the cinematic soundscape used throughout the galleries. Drawing on stems from the Spectre soundtrack, the music provides dramatic continuity that enhances the unique exhibits and stunning vistas throughout the space.


To promote this new destination, we were asked to create a teaser trailer for use online. We devised the promo concept, storyboarding, scripting, and conceiving the aesthetic direction and photorealistic CG that gives viewers a dramatic bird’s eye view of the stunning location.


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