Sophisticated Super Car Racing

Title: Forza Motorsport 6
Clients: Microsoft
Services: UI & UX

Territory brings the epic energy and glamour of European supercar racing to the iconic racing franchise.

After a successful collaboration on Forza Motorsport 5, we were again brought on board by Turn10 in Seattle to help set the game’s high level aesthetic language and movement concepts.

Briefed to build on our design for the franchise defining FM5, we worked closely with UI Art Director Martin Jung to define a completely new look and feel, and as part of the design process we worked in tandem with the internal UX design team to address complex user interface and experience challenges.
Positioned as the most technically advanced game yet, the creative pushes the F1 aesthetic direction with a more mature and high production look and feel that highlights XBOX One's photo-real capabilities, and its precise and responsive game engine. We also fine-tuned the Forza Vista, crafting a more visually-led selector to ensure that the data presentation of the car spec affirms the passion and prestige invested in the franchise, while providing players with a rich and pleasurable experience over and over again. The result is a gaming experience that brings a new level of sophistication and elegance to Forza's design style and aligns it with the energy, action, performance and glamour of the super car racing circuit.

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Menu UI

Designs and development for various menu systems throughout the game


Car Description

UI interacts with the cars to introduce the key facts and figures

We knew about Territory's strength in motion design, it's very evident in their feature film work, so we wanted to showcase that in our UI/UX flows. The brief was simple, just be yourselves, and make it awesome. In the end, Territory delivered with top quality, exemplifying utmost professionalism. We couldn't be happier with how the concepts turned out. Martin Jung, UI Art Director Forza Motor Sport 5 and 6.

In Game Footage

Examples of our UI design within the game environment


Project Credits


Creative Director David Sheldon-Hicks
Art Director Marti Romances
Motion Designers Raoul Paulet, Abel Reverter
Producer Sam Hart

Developer Turn 10 Studios
Art Director Martin Jung
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platform Xbox One


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