Collaborating with Will Gallia of stillatplay, we created Life at Work, a beautiful echogram of the studio’s creative activity on any one day. A playful interpretation of data feeds taken from Territory’s internal render farm, the live installation reveals the digital heartbeat of our studio.

Using the metaphor of ‘render eggs’ generated by ‘mother nodes’, Life At Work visualises the studio’s creative production process in a captivating narrative. Every egg represents a new task, and the journey from server to output is more fragile than we imagine. The installation charts their progress as each egg evolves through various stages, as reflected in their design – and in a poignant reflection of our own creative journeys, many achieve success, but some fail and some stall.

Organic and tactile, the visualisation presents a living status board of the day’s work. Anyone passing can intervene to reset the visual by using hand gestures to clean out any ‘failed’ or ‘suspended’ tasks.